Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Avocado Cucumber Soup

Seriously, once this time of year rolls around, I just can't get my fill of soups. Luckily, with this soup I can also still incorporate some serious summer flavors.

Avocados are great sources for insoluble and soluble fiber, as well as monosaturated fat (the good type of fat!).  They are also packed with more potassium than a banana, phytosterols, antioxidants, vitamins C, K, E, folic acid and other B vitamins which can help maintain metabolism and healthy skin.  They contain 18 of the most important amino acids required in the body's protein-building process.  You are doing the body good by including more avocados into your diet!

1 avocado
1 cucumber (~2 cups chopped)
1 c water
1 T coconut or olive oil, cold-pressed
1 T coconut aminos
1 lime, juiced
1 clove garlic
1 t chipolte
pepper, to taste

Blend all ingredients until smooth, adding more water if needed. Top with your choice of pineapple, mango, tomatoes, cilantro, onion, etc.

I love avocados, but with this soup I think it's very important to top it with some sort of sweet fruit, such as pineapple or mango. It complements the avocado and gives the soup an extra layer of flavor.  This recipe cam be easily doubled if you have a good quality blender, leaving you with lunch for at least 3 days.

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