Sunday, September 29, 2013

~Silver Lining Sundays~

{Silver Lining Sundays are a chance for me to think back during the week and remember the highlights and positive moments!}

1. Last sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day! I love this time of year - the smells, the weather, pumpkin everything! I had the windows open all day long, and you could practically smell autumn in the air. It was a relaxing and beautiful day off!

2. This video made me laugh first thing Monday morning. Penny does this with anything that's on a table or shelf that she can get to.

3. The change in the season has definitely motivated me to start knitting again. So, this week while we watched the BroadChurch series (David Tennant!!!), I felt productive because I finished a few knitting projects at the same time.

4.  We decided to start our October/Halloween Movie Fest a few days early! Every year, James and I try to watch as many halloween movies that we can during the whole month.  This year we have some new ones on our list and some great suggestions from friends. So far, we've watched The Conjuring and Trick r' Treat!  As you can see, Penny does not like us watching the tv instead of her.

5. Finnigan's Wake hosted their annual St. Baldricks fundraiser this weekend ( My beautiful friends raised over $15,000 for this amazing cause!! I am so proud of them!

6. We finished up Saturday by celebrating a friend's birthday. I'm lucky to have a wonderful group of friends here!

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