Sunday, September 15, 2013

~Silver Lining Sundays~

My goal is to post at least 5 highlights every sunday just to remind myself of all the positive or happy things that have happened that week. This week was packed full of good stuff!

1. I started this blog! FINALLY! Honestly, I don't care if some people choose not to read it, but at least it's a place for me to focus, pool my recipes, and hopefully help anyone who needs some advice.

2. We found out that two of our employees are pregnant this week, which is very exciting! This in turn has sparked some baby fever among the rest of the employees. On the same day, two patients brought in their babies that we helped them conceive. It was an exciting baby-filled day!

3. With the advice of my friend Lauren, I bought a new camera lens (a 50mm) and a tripod. I'm still in the process of trying to learn how to take better pictures.  As my info says - I'm a "Wanna-Be Photographer."  I take too many pictures, so I might as well try to learn how to make them better.  Of course, the first pictures I took were of Penny and Chloe. Cats are always good photo material.

4.  I finally made it out to the late Cobblestone Farmer's Market, and I bought some items I've never tried before, hibiscus flowers and mini cucumbers, as well as a lot of peppers. I'm excited to try them out!

5. I attempted running again after a month of only doing minimal exercises due to some sort of hip flexor pain.  I didn't overdue it, and it felt ok the next day. So, hopefully I can go back to a normal running schedule again!

6. I won my first fantasy football game of the season and was second for overall points. The Bears won, too, so it was a good sunday!. I'm the only girl in our league so it feels good to know that I set my lineup right and kicked some butt.  I bought some Bears and Purdue colored yarn, and now I have some projects to work on for the season!

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