Tuesday, September 24, 2013

PB & J Smoothie

Just the thought of a PB&J sandwich reminds me of childhood. Apparently, I was a picky eater, and this sandwich was my go-to. My Granny would cook us the nicest dinner, and all I would do was cry and say I wanted a PB&J instead. YIKES. So, I repeatedly tested my family's patience, but eventually grew out of my picky stage. To this day, I still love peanut butter more than anything. I avoid buying it as much as possible because there's a good chance it will be gone within two days. I attempt to put it in everything: smoothies, dressings, raw thai soups, and snacks. 
Here's an EASY recipe for adding the peanut butter into a smoothie. It tastes like the real thing, and it's perfect for the kid in me!
PB & J Smoothie
1/2-1 banana
3/4 c almond milk or water
1/2 c blueberries
2 T natural peanut butter
a pinch of sea salt, optional 
If you're using fresh blueberries, be sure to throw in a handful of ice as well!

Blend all ingredients until smooth. Too much banana can overpower the flavor of the smoothie, so you can start with 1/2 the banana at first.

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