Friday, September 13, 2013

Good ol' Woody

So tonight we decided to watch the movie "Now You See Me." It sparked a memory of an interview I had read once about Woody Harrelson's lifestyle. I couldn't find the article I originally read, but this article explains Woody's raw vegan and eco-radical lifestyle.

After reading the article (click on the picture), how could you not just want to hang out with him??

Picture: Robert Trachtenberg for Esquire

I've found that every time you stand up for something and open your mouth, you alienate someone. I spent a lot of time wanting to become rich and famous, then when I got there, I found it was hollow. What is important to me is my connection with family and friends, and to nature, and to stand up for what I believe in. It really makes you feel good to follow through with your convictions. Granted, between opening my mouth and some of the movies I've chosen to do, I've alienated a lot of my fans, I'm sure. Hopefully I'll make better movies, but I'll never stop opening my large, prominent mouth. 

-Woody Harrelson

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